Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word

You will learn how to create and amend a range of documents that can be used for both personal and business purposes.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the most important features of Microsoft Word, to reinforce what you already know about using a computer and to build your confidence.  By the end of the course you should be able to produce clear, attractive documents that other people will want to read.

  • On this course you will learn:
    • how to work with a wide variety of types of document – such as letters, notices, menus, agendas, minutes, reports, flyers and even poems
    • about the most frequently used features in Word, including:
    • about text: different types of font, copying and moving text, spelling checks, finding and replacing text
    • about other components of a document: lists with bullet points, numbered lists, tables, pictures
    • about page layout: page shape, margins, alignment of text on the page, columns, headers and footers, page numbering, page backgrounds, starting new pages
    • about files: creating new files, saving files, opening existing files, printing

A workbook is provided containing exercises to give hands-on experience and general information. This is yours to keep.

Course Structure

Six weeks x2 hours

There will be six sessions and they are described  in more depth below:

  • Lesson 1: Working with text
    • Fonts (typefaces), Font sizes and Font colours
    • Bold text, underlining and italics
    • Deleting, Moving and Copying text
    • Saving and Printing documents
  • Lesson 2: The layout of the page
    • Aligning text with the left, right or middle of the page
    • Shape of the page (‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’, margins)
    • Introducing images / pictures into documents
  • Lesson 3: Lists, columns and spelling
    • Lists using Bullet Points and Numbered lists
    • Spelling checks
    • Putting text in Columns
  • Lesson 4: Headers footers and backgrounds
    • Using the top and bottom margins for headers and footers
    • Page Numbering
    • Page Borders, Backgrounds and Watermarks
  • Lesson 5: Creating tables in documents
    • Rows and Columns in Tables (Adding, Deleting, adjusting Size)
    • Formatting Tables (Borders, Shading)
  • Lesson 6: Finding words in documents
    • Finding (and Replacing) words and phrases in documents
    • Controlling where New Pages start
    • Revision

Course Timetable

RefLocationCourse & FeesCourse DetailsClass Date
1216Harpenden Indoor Bowling ClubPhotography on iPhones/iPads
3 weeks
13:15 - 14:45
1st Mar, 2022
8th Mar, 2022
15th Mar, 2022


You should have attended the Starting off with Windows course and are confident using mouse and keyboard.

Next Course

The Further Word course will give you more confidence in using Word and delve deeper into the into its capabilities.

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