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Find the right course for you

Whether you are a complete beginner or somebody looking to find a new hobby or expand their skill set, or somebody looking to return to work and brush up on their Office skills Computer Friendly has a range of courses that cover all skill levels and needs. Our courses are boken down into groups: Getting Started courses for complete beginners, Getting more courses for people who have some experience and want to take the next steps with their device, Hobbies and Skills course for people who want to improve their computing skills or take up a new hobby e.g. Photography on iPhones/iPads or Family History, and finally Microsoft Office courses for people who want use their computer for producing documents or publications, generating spreadsheets and presentations.

Unsure about where to start?

The following “Road map” should help you decide where to start and also show you what other courses are available from Computer Friendly.

The above “Road map” should help you navigate through our courses and help you find what you need. If you are still unsure pop along to one of our Drop-In sessions and one of our volunteers will be able to help you.