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You can make video calls to other Skype users at no cost over Skype whether you use an Apple iPad, Tablet or computer. You can also make low cost calls to landlines and mobiles across the world.

Course Objectives

You will learn how to use Skype to talk to (and see) friends and relatives around the world at no cost, provided they also have a Skype account. You will also learn how to put a small amount of money into your Skype account and then be able to send text messages and phone anyone (but without video) who is not on Skype.

Course Structure

Single lesson, 2 hours.

  • On this course you will learn about:
    • What Skype is, why should I be interested?
    • How to sign up
    • Video calls
    • Low cost calls to landlines and mobile phones
    • Text messages
    • Other video calling services


Students should have been on one of our starter courses, or be confident with the Internet and be able to use Microsoft Windows, an Apple iPad or Android tablet.

Please bring your Apple iPad or Android tablet or Windows laptop. You may also bring your iPhone or Android smartphone.

There will laptops you can use if you cannot bring a computer of your own.

When and Where?

If you are unsure of the suitability of one of our courses or simply wish to find out more you can visit one of our drop in centres to discuss a course or visit our courses timetable page or our course planner page to see where and when the courses are being held.

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