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Computer Friendly is always pleased to hear from people who may have benefitted from our help and offers. The following is a selection of recently received testimonials from people attending Computer Friendly courses, Drop-ins or Workshops.

Thank you

Another Computer Friendly donation makes a difference

I just wanted to thank you so much for the laptop. Being disabled left me isolated and knocked my confidence immensely. My education took a real negative hit due to loosing the use of my right arm and also peripheral vision so all of my written work was not possible. Now I have the laptop I’m able to get back on track and in just a week it’s already made a huge difference to me! I wouldn’t be able to do any of this if it wasn’t for you!


Anne Marie Keegan gets online with a Tablet donated by Computer Friendly

Anne Marie Keegan was absolutely delighted to receive a new Lenovo Tablet from Jean Pavan a volunteer from Computer Friendly

Anne Marie Keegan

Thank you from Harrow Sustain IT in 2022

Thank you for being involved in Harrow Sustain IT in 2022. I have attached our impact report and a shorter infographic. This project wouldn’t have worked without the donated laptops, our volunteers or the support we received from other organisations with more experience.

Harrow Sustain IT

Wonderful people at Computer Friendly

Dear Wonderful people at Computer Friendly,

Please accept this donation for all the voluntary support my friend Chris Blandford has given me to sort out my laptop!

Kind Regards,

Jackie Tominey

Thank you

Computer Friendly has transformed their lives

My experience with this charity has been incredible from the moment I contacted them to support one of my clients with a tablet, in order to end their IT social exclusion. This in part, has transformed their life. Computer Friendly has gone above and beyond, I cannot thank everyone involved enough, in particular Tony, for the ongoing support offered not just to my client but also to me.

Esther Loaker

Thank you

Computer Friendly are a kind, caring charity

Computer Friendly are a kind, caring charity. They have really helped me, thank you.



Thank you

Computer Friendly donates Tablets to Commonswood Primary and Nursery School

“The devices will be put to very good use as they will go directly to families that need them.  This will enable children to access home learning successfully.”


Sarah Manning

Thank you

Boxmoor Primary School Receives 10 iPads from Computer Friendly

A very big thank you from Boxmoor Primary School:

Thank you so much for visiting Boxmoor today and donating the 10 iPads. They will really benefit the teaching and learning of the children in our school. 

Vicky Campos

Thank you

Computer Friendly Resolved my 18 Months of Confusion


“I just want to send some feedback re my booked session this morning.
It was EXCELLENT and I thank  Carol Brazier for her kindness and patience with my problems. She certainly solved 18 months of confusion!

Many thanks,

Jill Tuddenham

PS there was also a gentleman there who also helped with some issues but I am afraid I did not register his name. Thank you to him too.”

Jill Tuddenham