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Social Media

Come and learn about how to interact and connect with others online via social media using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to introduce you to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  and show you how you can share updates and photos, connect and interact with friends and others online.

Although more and more people are networking on social media using a handheld computer such as an iPad or Android Tablet, or even an iPhone or smart phone, the settings on all the social media covered by this course are far better controlled using a Windows PC.  For that reason this course will be taught using Windows PCs.

Course Structure

Five weeks x2 hours

There will be four lessons and they are discussed in more depth below:

  • Lesson 1 & 2: Learn what Facebook is and why people choose to use it.
    • Set up a Facebook account, review your privacy settings.
    • Find friends and follow an organisation’s Facebook page.
    • Learn how to post an update to Facebook.
    • Share content with friends and how to interact on Facebook.
  • Lesson 3 & 4: Introduction to Twitter
    • Find out why and how people use Twitter to connect with others online.
    • Get familiar with Twitter, find out how Twitter works.
    • Learn how to Tweet, interact with others and find news on Twitter.
  • Lesson 5: Pinterest & Instagram
    • Learn how to use Pinterest & Instagram to share photos, interact and connect with others online.


Learners should have their own email account set up so that they are able to create accounts that will allow them to make free use of social media.  Learners should have attended the Starting off with Windows course.

You are welcome to bring your iPad or Android Tablet, but please be aware that the course will be taught using Windows PCs.  You should also have attended the appropriate Starters course for your device, and/or be able to use it confidently.

Follow on Courses

There are no specific courses aligned to futhering your knowledge of Social Media, but a good follow-on course would be Stay Safe Online to make you aware of the potential pitfalls of social media.

When and Where?

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