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Useful Websites

Click on Useful Family History Websites to download a PDF document listing the websites we used in the course An Introduction to Family History on the Internet: the websites are listed in the order in which they appear on the course.

Open the PDF document to see all the website addresses, which are all in blue and underlined.

Go the the website you want to visit by clicking on the link you want  to follow: that saves the risk of making a mistake when typing.

Please report to the tutor if a weblink doesn’t work.


The Exercises given in the Family History Workbook, pages 10 to 15 can be downloaded from this webpage.

Click on Family History Exercises to download a Word document.

Open the Word document to do the exercises.

All the website addresses (URLs) in this document are active, they are all in blue and underlined.

To go to the website hold down the Ctrl button (bottom left of keyboard) and while doing so Click (left mouse button).  If you hover the cursor over the weblink you should see the message:

CTRL + click to follow link.

If you do that it will save you having to type the URL, which may be long and complicated, so you will avoid making mistakes.

Unfortunately, some websites may have changed their address, or even disappeared, so you may get a “Not found” message.  Please report that to the tutor.

Windows Software

Our Introduction to Family History on the Internet uses laptop computers operating under Windows 10. There are many excellent genealogy software packages and what you ultimately use is largely a matter of taste, but to start off you might like to try one of the following: they are also available on the USB memory stick that we offer you.

Legacy 9: The award-winning Legacy Family Tree comes in two editions:

On our hands-on course you will be searching for information to go into your family tree: you will want to take that information away with you, so you have the choice of the following packages.

ScionPC: This is a free and portable genealogy app with a modern, easy-to-use interface, ideal for both the novice and the experienced genealogist.

Click here to download file, unzip the package. Run Scion by clicking on Run ScionPC.lnk or ScionPC.exe from within the Scion files folder.

Gramps: This is a more advanced package which is a bit difficult to install on a PC, or Mac. Fortunately, it is available in a version that will run on PortableApps, a suit of programs that will run from a memory stick.

By running Gramps from PortableApps on a USB memory stick you can enter data during the course and then take the memory stick from the computer and run it on a Windows computer at home, or anywhere else.

RootsMagic 7: This is the main program used on this course.  The free RootsMagic 7 Essentials does not run on a memory stick, however the paid version Rootsmagic 7 includes RootsMagic To-Go which enables you to carry your research in your pocket on a USB memory stick.

Genealogy Apps

The use of a portable device such as an iPhone/ iPad or Android Tablet/Smart Phone can greatly enhance your family history research, as you can use them to directly record information, pictures and stories from relatives, and also record that information directly into your family tree.  You can make an instant record of information you find at a record office or National Archive.  There are now many applications to help you: download Genealogy Apps to read a brief review of them, most of which are listed below.  

Click on the name of the app to go to the website describing it, and click on either iPhone/iPad to go to the Apple Apps Store, Android to go the the Google Play Store, or Amazon Fire to go to Amazon, to download and install the app on your device.

FamilySearch Family Tree:  iPhone and Android

Ancestry:  iPhone/iPad, Android and Amazon Fire

Treeview Mobile:  iPhone/iPad and Android

MyHeritage:  iPhone/iPad and Android

FamilySearch Memories:  iPhone and Android

RootsMagic: iPhone/iPad, Android & Amazon Fire

Find A Grave:  iPhone and Android

BillionGraves:  iPhone and Android

Interviewy:  iPhone/iPad

Office Lens:  iPhone and Android

Family Tree Software For Mac

The following software was listed in Best Family Tree Software For Mac  to whom copyright is acknowledged.

RootsMagic Most popular with genealogists

Family Tree Maker Best all-around

MacFamilyTree Built only for Macs

Heredis Huge online database, powerful search

Reunion for Mac Sync mobile app ReunionTouch